FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Net price

When you see the net price in US-Dollar, this is the price inclusive of shipping and transport insurance to Hamburg or Bremerhaven.
When you see the net price in Euro, this is the price inclusive of shipping and transport insurance to Hamburg or Bremerhaven BUT this price is calculated using the exchange rate on the day of up-dating the list. Due to the unpredictable fluctuation between USD and Euro it is not possible to update the Euro price, in the lists, on a daily basis so this price may vary from day to day.
However the USD net price is fixed.

Is it possible to buy the car at the net price?

Yes. You can collect the car from (CIF) Hamburg harbour or Bremerhaven at the net price (if you require another destination harbour we can quote another price).
Collection from German ports: Please keep in mind that you can not get the car released from the harbour (into Germany) without paying customs and tax.
Collection from other ports: When you want the car delivered to a "save" third country (for example to Switzerland) you can collect the car with a "T2-paper" (for approx. 80 Euro) into Germany without paying German customs and Value Added Tax. In this case you must declare your car and pay the duty in the destination country (in our example in Switzerland).
If the destination is not a "save" foreign country, in the eyes of the German customs (for example Belarus) you will have to pay 10% customs and 19% Value Added Tax (MwSt.) as deposit. In this case you will get a refund of when you pass the border of the European Union with the car. You will need to supply bank details (account number) before you leave the EU there will be an automatic notification to the customs office at the harbour. About 14 days later you will have your money refunded directly to your bank account.
If you take delivery of your car(s) directly in Dubai, you only need to pay the net USD price and the costs for shipping and transport insurance to Germany (1.600 USD) you can deduct!

Gross Total Price

In nearly all our price lists you will find a Gross Total Price ("Brutto" or "Bruttoendpreis"). This price includes:

  • All elements of the net price,
  • Shipping and transport insurance
  • 10% customs,
  • 19% VAT (MwSt.),
  • Harbour handling (costs for unloading at the destination harbour),
  • Transport in Germany to Fulda,
  • Car clean up, if necessary
  • The necessary setup changes to the car (for example changing direction indicator from red to orange, adding a fog lamp),
  • Certification at the German Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV) and
  • All necessary papers for registration and admission in Germany.

Is there a currency risk?

No, at least not for the customer! When we offer you a contract, you will get an USD net price. This price will be fixed regardless and the gross total price in Euro will be fixed as well. We obligate ourselves in the contract that the amount contains all your costs and that we cover all extra costs that might appear.


There are several possibilities of payment. Payments in cash can be made in Germany or Dubai. Alternatively you can pay by foreign bank transfer (T/T) or by letter of credit (L/C) or when the car is delivered in Germany. In the latter case we refer you to our partner company in Fulda (JWB Jahreswagenbörse GmbH & Co. KG.)


The amounts are firm prices but if you buy more than one car we are able to give you a considerable discounts depending on the amount of cars. If you buy bulk quantities, for example more then 20 units, the discount can easily be 2.000USD and more...

Manufacturer Warranty

As a general rule the manufacturer warranty does not apply. Exceptions are possible for VW, Jeep, Land Rover and if applicable for Kia. In all other cases the manufacturer warranty is valid in the country of the vendor (for example Dubai). If you need an alternative to the manufacturer warranty, we are able to offer you (for Germany only) a guarantee insurance. This insurance is available for 450 Euro per year for full insurance. In this case everything is covered except wear parts like breaks and tyres. For 250 Euro there is also a cheaper option which covers the engine and transmission. Both insurances can be extended up to 3 years. In case of damage you can drive to any garage and the insurance company will pay the invoice. The costs for the insurance are not included in our gross total price, because it is optional. Normally in the first, second and third year there are no damages because we are talking about new cars.

Transport Insurance

We have a general policy with one of the leading transport insurance companies worldwide, the Oskar Schunck KG of Munich. All our shipments are insured by them. In case of damage we pay the retention of 5000 Euro. There is no retention, for example, if the ship sinks. The retention is only payable for dents, scratches or theft. We professionally resolve minor damages at our expense.
Because we always ship in containers and not open (RoRo - roll on, roll off) there is a very small risk.

Delivery to your home

For an additional payment, we can transport your car directly to your door. For example: the transport from Fulda to Munich costs just 250 Euro. We can ship worldwide! Otherwise you take your car in Fulda/Germany with our partner company "Jahreswagenbörse".


Sorry, but we do not offer a trade-in service. We advise you contact our partner in Fulda "Jahreswagenbörse" or, as a private sale, advertise on the internet (CarTrader24.com, autoscout24.de or mobile.de).

Finance & Leasing

We are working with finance and leasing partners. You will find their banner advertisement and links to their websites on the left hand side under "Partner".

Why are the cars so cheap?

The entire Arabian Peninsula, where we buy most of our cars, is part of the dollar zone i.e. the local currencies are firmly linked or pegged to the dollar. For example, one USD always equals 3,673 Dirham (which is the currency in the United Arab Emirates). Therefore, the lower cost to you represents the benefit from the exchange rate i.e. the incredibly high value of the Euro against the dollar which means when shopping in the Arabian Peninsula or "Dollar zone" the current rate makes it extremely cheap for Europeans....
Another factor is the marketing strategy of the various manufacturers. If a company like Kia wishes to increase its market share or "penetrate/quot; the Arab market (where Toyota and Nissan are dominating) then Kia may offer extremely cheap prices for some years to get into the market. But not all cars are cheaper in Dubai than Germany, for example brands like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi or Porsche are almost as expensive as in Germany if you calculate all additional costs for shipping etc.

Do the cars from Dubai have the same equipment as in other countries, for example as in Germany?

No, they have not. The equipment packages, the specification of the cars, are based on the countries needs, for example a Kia Sorento has a different standard equipment from country to country where the Danes get a seat heating, the Spanish AC/Klimatronic and the Germans get more airbags. In Dubai all cars have AC/Klimatronic but less airbags than German cars. The ESP maybe missing (sometimes) but there are other features such as four-wheel drive, A/C and electronic features often standard, which are normally optional and costly extras in Europe.

What must be converted or retrofitted for admission in the EU?

This depends on the source country for the car and the model in question. For example, cars from Dubai, United States and occasionally Korea have no rear fog lamps and these must be fitted. Further examples include: US imports have direction indication lights colored red and not orange and must be changed whereas cars coming from the Arab Peninsula (Dubai) are fitted with a speed alarm sound that is activated when your driving faster than 120km/h. In this case we will remove this feature and the annoying bleep. Should there be only one bleep or a visual display we do not change anything.

Is there a COC Paper included? Who cares about the vehicle papers?

A Certificate of Conformity (COC) which is known in Austria are as "Typisierung" is only available if you buy a new car at an authorised dealer inside the European Union. With this document, which contains all (technical) data, is required when registering any car within the EU. Ordinarily, when you buy a car sourced from outside the EU, then you do not get the certification (COC) paper and this can not be obtained later or retrospectively. However, after many years of experience, we can register your car in any EU country and supply all necessary documentation to make the car road legal and fully compliant.

Does the navigation system work in Germany?

This depends on the source country for the car and the model in question. For example, when the car is imported from the United States, the navigation system frequently does not work. Please ask us whether the navigation system of your desired vehicle is working or not and regardless we can arrange to retrofit a device.

Can I order extras / special equipment for my car?

Normally we only offer cars with the engines and equipment shown in our price lists but as "specials" we are able to offer certain additional items, including:

  • Leather interior (about 1.900USD),
  • Heated seats (about 500USD),
  • Navigation system,
  • Winter tires,
  • Privacy glass,
  • Cavity protection,
  • Side running boards, and
  • Alloy wheels.

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Mitsubishi L200

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