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Under "About Us" you will find references from dealers and private buyers who have purchased with confidence from us. We have been an established dealer for nearly 20 years years, member of BVfK e.V. which is a german association of independent car dealers which can confirm our experience and professionalism. In addition, we are authorised from ADAC (Automobile club of Germany) to make the following statement: BVfK and ADAC together develop standards which regulate secure procedures for new car transactions. We are members of BVfK and therefore follow all codes of conduct and good practice.

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In the last years we have specialised on overseas new car dealing (in particular Korean, Japanese and American cars) and SUV (4x4) which are purchased from the Arabian Peninsular. Best sellers are currently Kia Sorento & Sportage, Nissan Murano, Infiniti FX35, FX50 & EX35, Ford Explorer & Expedition, Toyota Fortuner, Previa & Land Cruiser and pickups. We have recently offered sport cars, specifically Ford Mustang.

Predominantly we work with other dealers, supplying cars in bulk at amazing prices. Because of our international connections we are able to supply cars (or options) usually unavailable in your area or as of yet un-released by the manufacturers.

Normal discount available for bulk purchases.

As a Private customer, you can use us as your supplier or broker but you may be liable for the NET price which is payable prior to shipping. This is normal practise for dealers (T1 goods). As a private customer you benefit from wholesale conditions. Alternatively, you can purchase through one of our specified dealers and pay at the point of hand over although some of the benefits may not be passed onto you. More details about this option are given under "Procedure Details".

We can arrange registration papers for all countries within the EU as well as pay Customs and Taxes on your behalf.

Frequently we supply diplomats, embassies, NGO's and the United Nations. Information about this is located under the button "Diplomatic Service".

We ship cars worldwide! Information about this is located under the button "Shipping Worldwide".

The world is getting smaller and to take advantage of this globalisation go to which is a website for car dealing in the Arabian world. We aim to connect the European car market to the American, Asian and Arabian.

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P.S.: Please note, all prices on the right hand side ("Bestseller"), are Gross for our German customers. This includes Customs (10%) VAT (19%) and additional costs (1,500 EUR). For customers in other countries, the net prices may be up to 40% LOWER than those quoted. Refer to "Price List" for the exact USD Net prices. These Net prices include shipping from Dubai to Hamburg/Germany but if you collect from Dubai then the prices should be reduced by 1,600 USD.

Autos für Diplomaten


Mitsubishi L200

Mitsubishi L200

Der L200 ist ein PickUp, als Benziner & Diesel, wird aber mit einem zusätzlichen Hardtop zu einem SUV und extrem günstigen Allrad-Alternative: ab 38.340USD netto. Preisliste. Bilder.

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