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Diplomatic Discount

Diplomats and NGOs receive a discount of 350 USD on all vehicles that we have in our program. Depending on the car model, especially in more expensive cars, this discount will be considerably higher.

When you make a bulk order with a colleague, and you order two vehicles at the same time, you benefit from two more rebates: A quantity discount of 250 USD per vehicle and a saving with the joint shipment in a large 40"-foot-container of by average additional 300 USD per vehicle.

Diplomatic Service

We regularly sell cars to the Foreign Office for German embassies all over the world. We deliver to embassy employees (privately), Goethe Institutes, the United Nations and NGOs.

The advantage of our Diplomatic Service is shipping directly from Dubai to the target country, for example. For this, neither the 19% value-added tax nor the 10% EU import tariff is accrued. The latter is included in every imported vehicle (Japanese, Korean, American makes) which is produced in the EU and is not imported to the EU. Neither companies nor diplomats receive a refund of this tariff as any prepaid tax, or any other such tax from the state. If these cars are not imported to the EU but instead directly shipped to the target country, then you save 10% off the gross sales price!

There is an additional advantage in the specifications for countries with warm climates (GCC-Specs) for several of our all-terrain vehicles: larger radiators, larger air filters, motors that are designed for rough conditions, and where applicable with low-grade petrol, stronger air conditioning, and a safer supply of spare parts.

On top of that, we provide for every car bought by a diplomat or a NGO a spare parts package for free. This includes spare and wear parts like screen wiper blades, ignition plugs, lamps, oil filters, air filters, fuel filters, brake pads or V-belts.

USD gross prices always apply for you, which you can find in our price lists. These include shipping to Germany. If you are taking on the car in Dubai or it is to be shipped from Dubai to a different country, then you can deduct 1,200USD.

Of course we organise the shipping for you.

We are happy to provide you with references from many satisfied customers from diplomatic services. Please inquire about our discount for diplomats!



We regularly deliver cars; especially bush taxis of the Toyota Land Cruiser makes HZJ 76, 78, 79 to relief organisations. We take care of shipping and transport to the project location. After inspection of the common public interest by experienced partners we are then prepared to deliver the desired vehicles, where applicable entirely without interest margins. Thus the prices are reduced by many thousands of US dollars and it is our small contribution to a good cause.

Autos für Diplomaten


Mitsubishi L200

Mitsubishi L200

Der L200 ist ein PickUp, als Benziner & Diesel, wird aber mit einem zusätzlichen Hardtop zu einem SUV und extrem günstigen Allrad-Alternative: ab 38.340USD netto. Preisliste. Bilder.

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